Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve Dinner

Just Lynn, the kidlets and me tonight for New Year's Eve dinner. It's a contrast to last week's Christmas Eve dinner with friends!

I have a pork loin roasting in the oven on a bed of red potatoes. We'll have green beans, corn and a salad, along with biscuits and honey for dinner.

For the pork and potatoes, it couldn't be simpler. I just peeled and chunked up red potatoes, placed them in the bottom of my iron skillet and drizzled them with olive oil, then sprinkled with salt and pepper and mixed in chopped garlic. Then I put the pork loin right on top of the potatoes, cut slits in it and stuffed the slits with garlic cloves, drizzled a little more olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme on the pork, then roasted it for about 55 minutes on 350 degrees. The result is a savory, garlicy, crispy pork loin, so tender and delicious.

Breakfast snacks for the Cotton Bowl!!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mock Champagne Punch

This is a good one for a New Year's Eve party or New Year's Day open house. It works for kiddies and adults! Serve it in a champagne flute and toast the new year! Kids love that kind of stuff!

Mock Champagne Punch

1 64 oz. bottle of Welch's White Grape Juice
1 64 oz. ginger ale

Mix together and serve. Add ice cubes made of maraschino cherries and ginger ale.

Best results are with Welch's juice.

Welcome to Dinner at the Hamlet

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