Sunday, February 17, 2008

Breakfast report

Yesterday was our monthly family breakfast. It was raining buckets and cold-like 44 degrees or something. Fortunately, we had lots of warm food, hot coffee and conversation to keep us warm! It was a much smaller crowd than usual...only 11 of us, but it was still fun. The steak and eggs turned out well-lots of left overs, so I had a serving for supper, then Lynn and I had them again for lunch today. The boys ate the leftover pancakes. We don't do well with leftovers around here-there's usually not enough for everyone, and I stick them in the fridge "for lunch tomorrow", then someone calls and invites me to lunch or I get busy and don't eat lunch-yes, that really happens, even though you could never tell it by looking at me-and then I find the leftovers and they are GROSS and I chunk them in the trash. So, it was good that we mananged to eat twice off of one meal!

Here's a picture of the "Lodge" centerpiece. As usual, the meal was buffet style so the table was never actually "set" for me to photograph, but you get the general idea! The black and red plaid you see under the Smokey Mountain lodge is a fleece blanket off of Jacob's bed, layered over a black tablecloth. I used my white dishes and red napkins.

And here's a little display I did on the table beside the front door:

You can see our American flag behind the table...remember, it was raining and I had to bring it inside. If you could see under the table, you'd also see a pile of red, white and blue pillows and throws that live on the front porch in good weather.

And, finally, a picture of the Cinnamon Roll Bread Pudding. Man, was it good!

I'm making Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner tonight!

Tomorrow or the next day, I'll post another week of menus!


Becki said...

The bread pudding looks yummy! Sounds like all went well in spite of the weather. I'm with you, I love a nice rainy day or two. Especially one that can include a fire and a nap!

Becki said...

I'm a little late, but tonight I made your Gingerbread that you posted a few weeks ago. The family loved it. Of course, I doubled it for our crew. My Jake loves Gingerbread cookies and I never found the time to make them at Christmas this year. I promised him I would make it up to him. So, here at the end of February I made your Gingerbread and it was a hit. Oh, and it made the house smell wonderful. Worth it just for that!

Patty Miller said...

I have had such a great time reading through your blog! You seem so organized and put-together; something that I am trying desperately to do. My birthday is next week and instead of having a cake, I am going to make your cinnamon roll bread pudding--it looks soooo delicious. How very glad I am to have found your blog... I look forward to reading more from you!